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Parent Handoff


As a final action for the completion of Boot Camp, students must complete the “Parent Handoff”. This final step is designed to keep parents informed of student learnings and expectations and to assist parents in setting rules and boundaries at home. To complete the Parent Handoff, students must complete the following.

  1. Discuss the five BootCamp lessons with your parents. Share the main ideas and what new things you learned.
  2. Go through the “Parent/Student Agreements for Home” with your parents.
  3. Create a blog post (with picture of student and parent going through agreements) answering a few prompts.
  4. Have parents submit a form that confirms students have met these requirements.

Get Started!

1.  BootCamp lessons

  • Show your parents the five BootCamp lessons linked above in the menu.
    • Blogging
    • Digital Citizenship Agreement
    • Laptop Care
    • Productivity and Organization
    • Using your Laptop
  • Show your parents each of your BootCamp blog posts.
  • Discuss what you learned with your parents. What are the main ideas and things to remember from BootCamp?

2.  Parent/Student Agreements for Home

Having clear expectations around laptop use at home sets students and families up for a successful transition into a 1:1 Laptop Program. It is important for students to know that parents have NOT relinquished their right to set rules and boundaries for laptop use at home.

Have a discussion with your parents guided by the Parent/Student Agreements for Home. Use this form to take notes and then post in an appropriate place at home.

Take a picture of you and your parent(s) during or after your conversation about these agreements for home.

3.  Create a blog post

Write a blog post that includes the following information:

Title:  Parent / Student Agreements

  • a photo of you and a parent with the above Agreements form.
  • Answer this question: Why do you think you are responsible enough to take your laptop home and back to school each day?
  • Answer this question: How will you make sure that your laptop is charged each night? Where will you charge it? When? Explain your routine?
Label:  Label your blog post with your homebase label. (Your homebase label is "homebase" all lower case, don't include the quotes.)

4.  Parent Survey


Thank you for partnering with us to make the transition into our MS 1:1 Laptop Program a success.  We appreciate your time and effort in supporting your child with this learning-focused program.  

Please take a moment to complete this short survey to verify that your child has discussed the above topics with you.

(If you have trouble filling out the form below, click here to open it in a new window.)