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Three Before Me

Ask three people before you ask your teacher.

One of those people can be Google!

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Reminder - During presentation or discussion time when you don't need your laptop, keep it closed to conserve the battery.
How to Write a Good Blog Comment

How we interact digitally needs to reflect our core values and what we know about quality responses to writing. Today, we're going to learn how to give meaningful feedback to other students' blog posts that reflects those things. Blogs are collaborative communities; they should inspire conversation. Bloggers expect and hope for comments!

Sticky note comment

We've all just finished a blog post reflecting on something we learned in this bootcamp. Start by reading some of the posts by your classmates. Go here and click on your side.

On a sticky note, write a comment you would post as a response. Save your sticky note!! We need it later.

Comment continuum

Look at the example comment your teacher gives you. Where do you think this comment fits in terms of our standards. Discuss with a partner. Then stand in the place where you think it belongs. (Exemplary, Meeting, Approaching, Below) Be prepared to justify your answer.

Lay your comments down on the string of standards. Walk along and read the other comments. Are there any you would move?

Good comment qualities

Brainstorm with a partner some of the qualities of a good comment. Look at the comments near the exemplary and meeting part of the continuum. What do those comments have in common?

As a class, make a list of what makes a good blog comment. How does your list compare to the SAS Commenting Guidelines.

Back to the sticky note

Take out your sticky note from the start of class. When you compare your comment to the criteria, where would you stand along the string line? How would you revise your comment to move up to meeting standard or exemplary? Go back to your seat and fix your comment.

How to make and approve blog comments

Follow these steps to add your comment to your classmate's blog post.

Follow these steps to approve comments that are left on your blog.

Create an About Me Post

Just like bloggers have Avatars to alert readers to who they are, they also have “about pages” that highlight information the author wants to convey to his or her readership. Think of this as the back flap of a book jacket that highlights the author’s important details. About Me pages are interesting to read but they also protect the author's privacy by not revealing certain personal information.
Today, we are going to create an About Me post on your blog.

Let's start by drafting an "About Me" blurb for our blogs. Use what you know about the "About the Author" blurbs on the backs of books.  In it, you should include ideas about your writing life, your hobbies, and some basic personal information.

Now, let's look at some About the Author blurbs in novels. Now that we have a better idea of what good quality about the author blurbs are like, let's revise our draft.

When you are ready, follow these instructions to create an About Me blog post on your blog and link it in your side bar. Copy and paste your "About the Author" writing into your post.