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Day One

Need Help?

Three Before Me

Ask three people before you ask your teacher.

One of those people can be Google!

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Reminder - During presentation or discussion time when you don't need your laptop, keep it closed to conserve the battery.

Day One Overview

Think Before You Post (Create an Avatar)
What Makes a Good Blog Post

Lesson 1 - Think Before You Post

Use the SAS Online Sharing Guidelines and create an avatar

How was your first week of school? Write your answer on a sticky note and post it up on the wall. Read some of the answers together as a class. What do you notice? 

Today, we want to talk about how important it is to think before you post.

Watch one of the following videos.

There are three things we need to keep in mind before posting anything online.
  1. SAS Core Values (Compassion, Honesty, Fairness, Responsibility, and Respect)
  2. No Personal Information
  3. Respect Copyright Rules
brain photo by Martha Ormiston, from The Noun Project

Whatever we post needs to reflect our SAS Online Sharing Guidelines, or in other words, Think Before You Post!

Online Sharing Guidelines for Students

As we continue with this lesson, keep these things in mind. Ask yourself the questions in italics before you publish anything to remind yourself not to share private information online such as your address or age. Don't forget...think before you post!

We’ll talk in more detail about copyright, the last point on the online sharing guidelines later, but for now, keep these things in mind as we create an online avatar for our blogs.

Blog avatars are visual representations of authors that appear when they do things on blogs such as comment or post something. They help identify posts and comments as belonging to someone and they help readers to “know” the writer better by giving them a visual to go along with a screen name.

Create an Avatar

You have three minutes to look through the following avatar sites. Think about how the avatar styles match your personality, hobbies, etc. Now, pick one and make an avatar.
Use command-shift-4 to take a screenshot of your avatar and save it on your computer. (Save your avatar file somewhere safe on your computer. You will need it again in a couple weeks when you write an About Me blog post.)

Does your avatar follow the Online Sharing Guidelines?

Add your avatar to the side bar of your blog

Add your avatar to the side bar of your blog by following these instructions.

Lesson 2 - What Makes a Good Blog Post

Watch one of the following videos.

Blogs in Plain English by CommonCraft
What is a blog? by Brain POP

Today, we will talk about what makes a good blog post.


In a group, look at Jimmy's blog. Make a list with what you would change about this blog and why you would change it. Discuss as a class.
Now look at this blog post from one of last year's 6th graders. Compare both blogs. What are the differences?
Make a list of qualities that make up a good blog post.